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Wisdom Tooth Removal, Live Life With no Burden

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Wisdom tooth removal is not a common phenomenon. There is a myth that with wisdom tooth our wisdom starts to grow. Isn’t it funny? Well but that is a common belief. In our childhood, almost all of us has waited for that wisdom tooth. We used to think that if the wisdom tooth comes we will be treated as wise. That childhood memories!! Because of that myth, people don’t want to remove wisdom teeth. It’s just an inner belief that stops them.

To get wisdom we have to bear the severe pain. Right? Wisdom tooth removal can be the wisest decision. To live with a toothache regularly not at all a wise decision.


Rising period of Wisdom Tooth

Generally, wisdom tooth shows up in the early or late teen. Moreover, its position is at the last of your mouth. One more thing, not everybody got wisdom tooth. Because they don’t have enough space in their mouth. It remains hidden under the gum. When it shows up its head you are totally gone. Not to mention the pain is unbearable. Only those knows who have been going through it. And the most annoying part is that it does not come up at once. May be every month it tries to come up with unbearable pain.

Wisdom tooth removal would be the best idea in this situation. In many cases, I have seen that wisdom tooth only gives pain. It continually gives pain until it is not removed. Without pain, there is no wisdom tooth. Its name should be pain tooth!! The wisdom tooth is just an extra part or organ of our body. Removing it does not affect our body. Of course it would be better to remove it than living with a pain.

Removing wisdom tooth is not always that easy. Sometimes its position is at a 30 degree angle. Which affects other tooth also. Its collapse with other teeth and make a damage.


wisdom tooth removal

Is it wise to leave behind the wisdom tooth?

Yes. Of course. What is the benefit of living with pain just for an extra tooth? God has given you enough. So why more? Let’s see some disadvantage of the wisdom tooth.

  1. Tooth Decay: Plaque begins to develop at the corner of wisdom tooth. And gradually this plaque makes a hole in your tooth, which leads to decay in teeth.
  2. Gum Diseases: The plaques in your teeth start to release toxins. This harmful toxin is the cause of different gum diseases like irritation in the gum, swallowing gum, pain in the gum etc.
  3. Pericoronitis: It occurs when there is an infection in the gum because of the plaque.
  4. Cellulitis: Bacterial infection in the mouth issue.
  5. Cysts: When the wisdom tooth did not cut through there develops a cyst in the gum

Wisdom tooth removal is a must for a healthy mouth. Moreover, food particles got stuck in a wisdom tooth and make an odor.

How Wisdom Tooth can be removed

You should consult a dentist as your wisdom tooth starts to bother you. You may need a surgery to remove it. Not to mention surgery is not an easy task. You have to be careful with surgery. To remove the tooth the dentist will give you anesthesia, which is known as sedation dentistry. It is done so that you don’t feel any pain while surgery. Of course it’s an achievement of the dental sector to give you painless surgery. In some situation, the dentist might cut your gum to remove the tooth. Even after the surgery you have to be careful. There must be pain and swelling in the gum.The dentist will give medicines to give ease. And one more thing infection can easily attack you so be careful. Any infection after surgery can increase the pain. And you must take food carefully after surgery.

Sometimes letting things go give you relief. So wisdom tooth removal is a good thing to live life happily. Be wise and just leave the pain behind.

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