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Clean Teeth

Teeth cleaning for a better start of a day

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Teeth cleaning?! It might seem to be silly. But we cannot neglect that even if we want. Just think and tell me. What you notice about any  person when you meet him or her. Is it cloth? Or shoes? The way of talking? No. What we notice is his or her smile. Or very specifically mouth while talking to us. Just imagine what will happen if we have a bad odor coming from our mouth. Its horrible right? So that’s the reason why cleaning teeth are important.

Teeth Cleaning are the main key!!!

We continue eating almost all the day. We take food all day long but do brush only two times. As a result the food particles got stuck in our teeth and make cavities and odor. So what can we do to stop it? What must we do is to do gargle after every time we eat? Cleaning teeth is a long day task. We need to wash our teeth after every meal.

When we do not clean our teeth on a regular basis that can create a serious problem for us. So what should we do and how should we do? So let’s divide the task into two groups. One is home care and another is the dental care.

First,  teeth cleaning start with home care. Home care just the regular care you need to take. That is a simple job. For ease of understanding, let’s point out the main tasks.

  1. Brushing: The first and most important care. Often we just brush in the morning. But the most important time for brushing is before bed. If we do not brush before bed the germs get lots of time and chance to harm our teeth.
  2. Flossing: Whenever we take any fiber type of food we must do floss. Fiber type of food like beef, any fruit, vegetables, etc. When this particle remains in our teeth that make an odor. So it’s important to flossand an essential part of teeth cleaning
  3. Gargle: It’s a must after eating anything. It does not take any effort. What we need to do is just take water and gargle. Easy, isn’t it?
  4. Using Mouthwash: It’s a great way to start your day in a fresh way. Every morning using mouthwash can prevent cavities and sensitivity.


teeth cleaning

Sometimes, teeth cleaning at home do not work. Then we need an dental care. We need to visit the dentist on a regular basis. The cleaning that we can take from the dentist are-

  1. Using ultrasonic instrument: Here vibration is used to knock a larger piece of tartar loose. The device also sprays cool mint water, which gives freshness from deep.
  2. Scaling: Here a very little motor type instrument is used to clean up the plaque. Plaque is just the thin layer of food debris. The instrument is driven through your teeth to clean the plaque.
  3. Polishing: Polishing is done with a slow speed hand rubber cup. It makes your teeth shiny and glossy. A digital instrument for teeth cleaning
  4. Fluoride: Fluoride makes our teeth strong. It prevents bacteria from attacking our teeth. Fluoride comes in many flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla.


Teeth cleaning procedures can take a long duration when it becomes severe. It is true for the people who take betel leaf, tobacco etc. These things are killer for our teeth health. Cleaning is a later fact first we need to protect our teeth from these dangerous habits.

Your smile is your asset. Make it more attractive. Clean your teeth on a regular basis. There is nothing that you cannot do. Just what you need is a little care. Don’t lose your valuable teeth or make any compromise with your teeth health. May be I am sounding weired that I am giving emphasis on a trivial matter. But trust me teeth is not less than any other organ.

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