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sleep dentistry

Sedation dentistry, make the best use of technology and forget the fear

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Sedation dentistry is mostly used but unknown fact. May be we do not know the term. But we have used it at least once in our life. Sedation dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry. If you want to go trough any advance dental care you have to deal with it. It has made dental treatment easy. Many of us fear to get rooted or simply take off any teeth. The solution of our fear is here.

Science is giving us so many things that we cannot even count. So the blessing of science is present in the dental sector also. Sedation dentistry uses anesthesia or other drugs to stop your feeling of something in a particular area. Can you imagine your doing any dental operation without anesthesia? Is it horrible right? But people of ancient time have undergone it. Because at that time science was not as improved as today. But thank God you and I have modern treatment with us.

It is a rescue for those who are afraid of any kind of pain. Isn’t  amazing our pain is vanished without even feeling it. But remember, everything has a dark side. Constant use of these medicines can harm us really bad.

sedation dentistry


IV Sedation, A blessing or curse?

Well, the answer is up to you. Remember, nothing is good when it is done in excess. When you will constantly use sedation for dental treatment. You can experience the following problems:


  1. Retrograde amnesia: Temporary memory loss. Here what happens is you cannot recall or can remember very little when you were in the effect of oral sedation. Not that bad if you don’t want to remember the treatment segment it’s not a tension for you.


  1. Dry Mouth: A very common side effect. Many times after taking mouth sedation you can feel that your mouth is drying. That happens because that medication decreases the flow of salivary.


  1. Hiccups: That’s an annoying one. I personally hate it. But very few patient experience it after taking oral sedation drugs.


  1. Ineffectiveness: Some patients are tough enough. Oral sedation does not affect them that much.


  1. Headache: That’s normal to have pain in the head after experiencing sedation dentistry.


  1. Allergic Reaction: If someone has an allergy then sedation drugs can increase it.


These are just the side effect. It can cause serious injury if the dentist is not cautious. It will be my advice not to use it without proper knowledge. Often in search of affordable dental care, we compromise with our service quality. In regular dental care it can be manageable. But when it comes to critical dental surgery, we must consult a dentist who is an expert. Sedation dentistry is a critical process.

I have seen many cases. Where the wrong use of oral sedation caused women permanent paralyzing of her right side of the mouth. So maybe it is a trivial thing but can lead to a big one.


Side away the negativity of Sedation Dentistry


So what could be the solution? The solution is carefulness. We must investigate properly before adopting any dental surgery, which will need sedation dentistry. It will be better if we go for dentist of our family. Because we know our family dentist and there is a trust thing.


Let’s make sedation dentistry a blessing. I will request the dentist not to use it if you have no experience. It can cause someone great damage mind it. It has lessened the treatment fear or pain to a great extent. Now we can do the dental surgery in a glimpse of an eye because of sedation drugs. Without these drugs, it can be a serious one with lots of pain.So live with the blessing and avoid the side effects. It is a common think now. Who is thinking of going for it just don’t afraid of it? It will lessen your pain don’t allow it to increase your fear. Think positive and live positive


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