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Family dentistry – dental guard in a loving way

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Family dentistry what the first thing comes to your mind when you see or hear that word? Is that something connected with family that gives the feel of love and care? If yes, you’re right. It is a package of the protection with professional expertise.

We are all busy in our life. Because of the busyness, we cannot even visit a regular dentist also. Have we stopped living? No, we did not. Then why should we compromise with our health? A sound mind lives in a sound body. No, you must have thought how could teeth or dental health be related to our body? Yes, it has a connection dear.


family dentistry
family dentistry


Family dentist – bodyguard of our teeth

The solution of our busyness is family dentistry. It is the concept of ancient time. The emperors used to keep Ayurvedic doctors for their family treatment. The Ayurvedic doctor  keeps present in the palace for 24 hours. The concept of the ancient ruler has not declined rather it has modified and emerged with new dimensions.

The concept of a family doctor is now getting popular. It is not mandatory that our family dentist will only treat us. We are not living in an ancient period where the royal doctor does not treat other. Time has changed. Mainly the dentist whom we visit regularly and get affordable dental care is a family doctor. We can contact him whenever we want.

The tradition of a family dentist is popular in western countries. They’re living off the standard is high there. But in the poorer country they do not bother to visit a dentist let alone keeping a family dentist. The tradition should start all around the world.

Let us focus on some advantage of family dentistry-

  1. Easy Access: Family means a person whom you can contact any time. Not only contact but also can get help in time of need. So the family dentist is. You can try to reach him whenever you face any dental problem. Most amazing part is that you don’t have to make an appointment. I just love  that advantage.
  2. Cost Effective: Here comes the most needed one. No doubt the family dentist should give you a discount. You deserve it as a regular customer. He will never charge you high its my promise. Just make a good bond with your dentist. I think you should often call him for dinner as a thank giving courtesy.
  3. Dependable: You can depend on him without any doubt. He will not give any wrong decision. On the other hand he will decide what will be the best for you. There is some exception. An exception can never be an example.
  4. Emergency: Often we face emergency situations and we don’t know what to do. In case of dental care the emergency is most. Of course the family dentistry is the life savior in this case. For this reason we can call him whenever we need him and get solved. But if we don’t have any then we first need to make an appointment then visiting the dental hospital. Long procedure right? Till then you might just get fainted. Jokes apart, it is  helpful to keep in touch with a dentist.


No doubt that today’s world is a communicative one. And we are a social being. For this reason we must depend on each other in every sphere of life. So why don’t we make a bond with our dentist? When we visit a dentist regularly a bond starts to grow. And we must nourish that bond. That’s how the concept of family dentistry grows. Then we help each other with every need.

If we are facing a financial problem, then a family dentist can treat us with deferred payment. We will never get such advantage with a regular dentist.


Finally the people who help us in our need they are like our family. For example, our dentist, doctor, lawyer, banker. If we treat them as our family I am sure the quality of service will get double. Everything lies within us. Family dentistry is also like this. We just need to consider our dentist as our family. It does not matter if the dentist is related to our family or have a connection with our family. We just need to change our mind setting.

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