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dental emergency

Emergency dental care to ease with love at emergency

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Emergency dental care is a savior in a sudden pain.It can preserve our smile in a tough situation. Starting the morning with a heavenly smile can make the day. Teeth are vital elements in making your smile bright. But most of us suffer from teeth ache as we get up from bed. Not just ache there are lots of dental emergencies that we experience. For example, sensitivity, gum infection, blood while eating etc.

A dental emergency is a sudden problem or difficulty in the tooth or related tissue. It is a common fact in today’s world, a survey says about 80% people suffer from dental emergency every day. So every person had some problem with their teeth.



emergency dental care

When to Use Emergency Dental Care


Some of the common dental emergencies that people had experienced are:


  1. Dental pain: The most common one. Almost every person in the world had experienced this type of emergency. It is an unpleasant feeling or experience in the tooth. The causes are many. For example- irregular brushing, germs in gum, cavity, etc. In this emergency situation people use painkillers. People do not bother to visit a doctor for student dental pain
  2. Dental trauma: It is the sudden injury in gum, mouth tissue, tongue or anywhere in the mouth. This case is common among children, aging from 8 to 12 but can happen to anyone. In this type of situation many people use ice or anything cold. Yes, I am saying truth this is the fact that happen not only in a big country like the USA but all around the world. Emergency dental care can heal it better.
  3. Broken Filling: In every 5 persons 3 persons have a tooth that has a filling. But nothing is permanent you know? Fillings can break down or even can get lost. Resulting in a day long uneasiness or difficulties in eating. Every American prefers a dentist in this situation. In general, a filling has over 20 years longevity.
  4. Orofacial Swelling: Swelling means an abnormal enlargement of tissue. Because of infections in the gum, mouth tissues can swell, resulting severe pain in the mouth. Most of the ancient people treat this type of emergency by a single clove. Not a bad idea right?? You can try this idea.
  5. Trismus: Have you ever felt difficulty in moving your jaw or mouth? This is known as trismus in dental terms. It happens because of infections, cancer therapy, arthritis etc. This type of emergency must treat with the doctor’s suggestion. Emergency dental care is to be applied as fast as possible.
  6. Bleeding from teeth: Another common emergency you must have experienced it while brushing or eating anything. It is just a result of poor gum health. Some people don’t seem to bother about it, they take it as a normal issue.


What to do in an emergency


An emergency can arise anytime. So you have to be prepared for that. Always take precautions to avoid any unnecessary pain. Always remember some rules


  1. Keep the number of dentists in your cell phone
  2. Save more than one number for safety
  3. Maintain a dental box in your house
  4. Always keep painkiller in your stock
  5. Use flux after eating
  6. Use the home remedy and always keep some home remedy
  7. Do not try to treat any serious matter


In conclusion any trivial matter can result in serious problems. So just don’t ignore any difficulty or teeth related problem, just try to find the cause and treat it. Another thing doesn’t apply any medication, consult a dentist because your smile defines you. Know the situation of emergency dental care and make your teeth healthy.

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